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Bonjour, Je suis très triste d'avoir appris, hier, la disparition de "Bébert", Albert FALCO, cet homme si sympathique, le bras droit du Commandant à qui il a toujours donné sa confiance. Les Aventures Cousteau m'ont toujours fait rêver, et continuent aujourd'hui. J'ai passé mes niveaux de plongée grace aux documentaires, mon bonnet rouge des scaphandriers sur la tête aux retours de mes plongées. J'ai croisé plusieurs fois Falco sur la Canebière lorsque j'y habitais. Puis une fois au vernissage d'André Laban, où plusieurs membres historiques de l'équipe étaient aussi présents. J'en conserve un doux souvenir ému. Je suis bien triste ; toutes mes condoléances à la famille de Monsieur FALCO, qui a dû rejoindre le Commandant pour partager d'autres plongées. Wilfried COLOMINA

I will like to say that. The Captain. COUSTEAU. Was my inspiration. When i was a kid for become a diver and Study marine biology. He is my inpiration. R.CAHRLOS PEREZ. ÁLVAREZ 

JYC has been an idol since i was young. I'm presently reading the latest biography "The Sea King". Today i'm a DiveCon SSI and manage a wastewater treatment plant near San Francisco, California, USA. My 2 sons and wife also love the ocean world. Jeff Carson

Team Cousteau for life. Veronica Ingal

love the site--and the mission-stay safe... jack

I just finished reading Jacques Cousteau's Calypso and it took me back... As a child I had built a "Calypso" out of stuff from the junk yard in our field behind the house, I sailed the sea's of my imagination so many summer days pretending I was the Captain of the Calypso so many years ago. I'm sure Jacques Cousteau, his books and his movies were the reason for my love of the sea, facination with diving, and my naval career. Many thanks to the crew members from those formidable years. Sincerely, Jerad J. Tittel Jerad J. Tittel

I never missed an episode growing up Captian Cousteau was the best role model a young man could have Capt. Coan Bueche Jr.

I've always been fascinated by the ocean. I'm not old enough to fully remember Cousteau's television series when they were on the air, but I do remember seeing reruns of it and I thought Jacques Cousteau was the most wonderful man in the entire world. I am currently a college student studying marine biology. Words cannot begin to describe how much of an inspiration the Captain, and the rest of the Cousteau family, has been to me. If in my life as a biologist, I can accomplish a fraction of what the Cousteaus have, then I will be proud. Thank you, Jacques Cousteau for standing up for the ocean and opening our eyes to its wonder and majesty. Samantha Valenzuela

j'dor Cousteau son histoire m'inspire xD lassel hichem

I discovered my own country's richness for the first time through your kind eyes! Thank you! Stavroula, Greece Stavri

Together through education and cooperation we can save the oceans Rob Van Der Moigg

merci pour des heures et des heures d'émerveillement, d'être sans mots devant une foule de choses toujours plus époustouflantes et que dire de toute cet enrichissant enseignement, c'est la plus belle école Francyne Longpré

I have read his books and watched some of his movies. I live in the Mid-West USA, far from the sea, but from the first time I met the ocean, i was hooked. The ocean smell excites me, and i miss the smell. I have always been interrested in marine biology. THe reason i like his books is that they explain things in easy to understand language, as i am not a person of big words. I work with Crayfish on a dayly basis. Hannah Peek

Simply, I love you, and miss you. and we will remember you for ever. You mean a lot to me. RIP Dr. Alhwiti

Good to hear from you again. ivan Menjivar

I have love many of your shows I wish you the best♥ joann  rodriguez

Please keep leading the way!! Donna Hall

I loved watching the Cousteu series on television as a child and still to this day am devoted to him and his life's work. He was an inspiration to so many. Sarah Paxton

I was so pleased to be able to locate a web site dedicated to my childhood idol, explorer and adventurer, Jacques Cousteau, and continuing his, and his family's mission of exploring and saving our planet's oceans and other waterways. Paul Zielinski

grande Capitano claudio